FDB Prizm™

Bringing clarity to medical device information
FDB Prizm™
FDB Prizm is a structured, inclusive medical device knowledge platform that contains detailed clinical, operational and financial attributes.

Attribute-Rich, Structured Medical Device Information

The FDB Prizm database delivers medical device attributes from a variety of sources, such as FDA, GUDID, manufacturers, industry data pools, and more.

  • Provides up-to-date content through web service APIs
  • Ensures quality information is delivered through normalization and standardization processes
  • Enhances categorization and cross-mapping
  • Supports UDI adoption across the healthcare spectrum

Serving a Variety of Stakeholders

Rely on FDB Prizm to be the reference source to improve and expand your system's functionality and usability.
Download Infographic:
Top 4 Challenges for Medical Device Information
Healthcare Providers
Make important supply chain and clinical decisions about medical devices to support the CQO Movement.
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Top 10 Ways Prizm Supports CQO Movement
Manufacturers and Distributors
Work with FDB to ensure practitioners can find products, obtain relevant information, and utilize devices safely.
Manufacturer Relations
Group Purchasing Organizations
Support your members with the right information and provide solutions to reduce cost while improving outcomes.
Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

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The FDB Prizm medical device database delivers knowledge for supply chain and clinical IT systems to help improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.
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