Experience and expertise in knowledge bases, clinical decision support and healthcare IT
Charles Tuchinda, MD, MBA
Executive Vice President, Hearst Health & Executive Chairman, FDB, President, Zynx Health
Bob Katter, MBA
John Doulis, MD
Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions
Cynthia MacAskill, MBA
Vice President of Finance
Patrick Lupinetti, JD
Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs and Medical Device
Tom Bizzaro, RPh
Vice President, Health Policy and Industry Relations
Virginia Halsey
Vice President of Product Management
Dewey Howell, MD, PhD
Vice President of Clinical Applications
Joan Kapusnik-Uner, PharmD, FCSHP, FASHP
Vice President of Clinical Content
Tracy Lofland
Vice President, Quality Management
Julie Suko, PharmD
Vice President of Editorial Content
Josh Young
Vice President, Technology
David Manin, MBA
Senior Director of Marketing
Denae Fernandez
Senior Director of Customer Success

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