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Canada’s #1 provider of integrated drug databases that help healthcare professionals and patients make precise decisions.
First Databank (FDB) is the leading provider of clinical and descriptive drug knowledge that’s integrated into healthcare information systems in Canada (including Epic, MEDITECH, Telus, QHR, Well Health, Maximus, and the majority of Provincial drug information systems), and the United States. Our knowledge has been tried, tested and trusted by millions of clinicians and other decision-makers from every segment of healthcare.

FDB Drug and Medical Device Database Solutions for Canada

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Robust drug database enabling healthcare professionals to make precise medication-related decisions that help improve patient safety and healthcare outcomes.
Learn about MedKnowledge
Breakthrough software solution enabling clinicians to collaboratively improve and customize medication alerts to make them more meaningful, intuitive and actionable.
Learn about AlertSpace
Smart, user-friendly medication order strings that leverage patient context to foster more intuitive computerized provider order entry in the fewest possible steps.
Learn about OrderKnowledge
A structured medical device database that brings clarity to the hospital supply chain and clinical areas to improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.
Learn about Prizm
What We See
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A world where medication errors are a part of the distant past.
We share a vision of a healthier world that is propelled by a deep understanding of the possibilities that drug and medical device databases bring, and a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of healthcare IT systems and medical decision makers.